At Venator Advantage we want you to move forward with the right tools. 

Career Services

We speak with each candidate to evaluate present and past work history and performance. We then assess qualifications, education, abilities, and background to best fit the job search criteria into the opportunities we have currently, or that are available in the near future. 

Career Counseling and Fast Track Career Path Strategy 

We discuss and develop a candidate's career path, industry, and job opportunity goals to assess if they are a fit for our clients' current and future needs. Through multiple conversations, we are able to have our candidates grasp a realistic view of expectations they should have in gaining new employment.

Resume Construction

We efficiently portray a candidate's work history and abilities on their résumé. We verify past employment, compensation, and education achieved. We quantify a candidate's abilities, work ethic, and accomplishments with reference checks. We assist our candidate's interviewing ability to accurately describe their situations, actions, and results.

Job Search Analysis

We continually source candidates, and know the local talent level available, within realistic measures, to fit our clients' needs. We educate and advise our clients on competitive salary compensation levels for certain positions and provide a realistic view of the feasibility of the candidate desired verses what is actually present in the local marketplace. 

Company Reputation Analysis

This is where our years of expertise, education, industry development, and communication become your benefit. We provide an honest reflection of how your company, job opportunity, product, and/or working environment is perceived by your competitors, current/former employees, as well as active job hunters, and other service providers.